Oasis Trust (UK) membership of Evangelical Alliance discontinued

News this morning that the Oasis Trust, the organisation founded by Steve Chalke, has had its membership of the Evangelical Alliance discontinued.

The background to this lies in articles and comments Steve made last year seeking to create a debate about how Christians respond to people whose sexuality is not hetrosexual.

Statements from both organisations are on line Evangelical Alliance and Oasis Trust

I'm sure there will be more events like this to come (might try to blog about it over the weekend) but it is newsworthy that the EA have taken this public step.

It is probably worth drawing attention to the way both organisations statements make much of this being about the Oasis board. Those with long memories will know that it isn't the first time that Steve Chalke has caused consternation to some evangelicals, he previously did so over comments about 'cosmic child abuse' and the atonement.

Whatever your views on human sexuality I can't help but feel that this is a sad moment for Christian life (and in particular Evangelical life) in the UK

Update: Christianity Magazine have an article on line which gives a little more background and detail

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