Normal life

Being woken by petrol driven power tools at dawn seems normal after a while. Whether that’s our neighbour cutting wood with a chainsaw or Pedro, the maintenance guy at the centre cutting the grass with a strimmer at 5:30am. Nauta has its own charms and is starting to feel like home. We’ve also started to... Continue Reading →

Interesting times

It’s been a fascinating few days (for Neil). When a pastor seeks accreditation by the Baptist Convention one of the final steps is an interview by the other pastors. So, one afternoon, I found myself on a 40 minute moto (motor bike taxi) from Iquitos to a small community where, along with a number of... Continue Reading →

A fish out of water

Lori writes: We’re back in Nauta. Back in the relative familiarity of the jungle and, until a month ago, the only part of Perú that we were acquainted with. What was it that made Arequipa feel so odd during our first few weeks there? Why did we feel so much like fish out of water?... Continue Reading →

Learning: language and culture

We are in Arequipa for language school, but part of learning a language is growing to understand the culture. So we have used our free time to do a bit of sightseeing around the city. Arequipa grew into a city soon after the Spanish invaded and is now Peru’s second city. It combines history, culture,... Continue Reading →

You can count on it

Last Sunday was census day in Peru. This involves everyone staying at home, broadly under curfew, until your house has been visited by the census collectors and your details taken. For us Brits it seems an odd way of doing it, an opinion shared by our Peruvian hosts in Arequipa, but everyone just seemed to... Continue Reading →

I don’t like matches

Hi! This is Lori writing – my first ever time writing a blog post. I’m sure it won’t be my last. In my couple of weeks here in Nauta I have discovered some things about myself that I hadn’t thought of as being problematic. I am really uncomfortable using matches. In the UK this isn’t... Continue Reading →


Experience doesn’t prepare you for the sensory assault that Nauta provides. The noise, heat, rain, sun and chaos of this bustling port on the banks of the soon to be Amazon river. We have been here many times before but somehow this time is different. Maybe it’s that we are not just here for two... Continue Reading →

Moving on

So, after 11 years I’ve taken my final service as Senior Minister of PBC. It still feels a bit odd to say ‘I was the Senior Minister’ but we had a great send off last weekend. Leaving inevitably makes one nostalgic; and after more than a decade I ponder what impact I’ve had. I hope... Continue Reading →

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