I don’t like matches

Hi! This is Lori writing – my first ever time writing a blog post. I’m sure it won’t be my last. In my couple of weeks here in Nauta I have discovered some things about myself that I hadn’t thought of as being problematic. I am really uncomfortable using matches. In the UK this isn’t... Continue Reading →


Experience doesn’t prepare you for the sensory assault that Nauta provides. The noise, heat, rain, sun and chaos of this bustling port on the banks of the soon to be Amazon river. We have been here many times before but somehow this time is different. Maybe it’s that we are not just here for two... Continue Reading →

Moving on

So, after 11 years I’ve taken my final service as Senior Minister of PBC. It still feels a bit odd to say ‘I was the Senior Minister’ but we had a great send off last weekend. Leaving inevitably makes one nostalgic; and after more than a decade I ponder what impact I’ve had. I hope... Continue Reading →

Video introduction

We've made a video to explain what we are going to be up to in Peru. I'm not sure we've mastered the slick editing yet, but it gives a reasonable idea of where we are going. Enjoy

Peru prayer letters

We've written our first prayer letter. Well, it's not so much a prayer letter as a short explanation of what we are going to do in Peru and some of the practicalities we need to work through between now and then. Prayer letter April 2017 If you follow this blog you will get all the... Continue Reading →

10 things to help learn Spanish

I have been learning Spanish for a couple of years now. At first it was a side interest rather than necessity but here are 10 things which have helped. Duolingo This easy app was the first thing I used. It’s free and slowly builds vocabulary for a range of situations. Because you learn by trial... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the new look blog

It's all change in the Brighton household this year. Not least because, after 11 years as Senior Minister of Poynton Baptist Church, Neil is stepping down. By September both our children will (we hope) be studying at University and we (Lori and Neil) will become mission volunteers with BMS: world mission. For the next two... Continue Reading →

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