What were we doing in Peru?

From September 2017 to November 2019 we (Lori & I)  worked as volunteers with BMS world mission spending the bulk of our time in Iquitos and Nauta, Peru.

DIGITAL CAMERAFor nearly a decade I regularly visited to help train pastors and church leaders from Amazonian river communities at the Nauta Integral Mission Training Centre. A link that came about through a collaboration between the Association of Baptist Churches in Iquitos, BMS and Poynton Baptist Church (where I was the Senior Minister) through which the Poynton Church was able to financially support the building of the training centre and the mission work the churches in Iquitos were doing.

After stepping down from the role as Senior Minister of Poynton Baptist Church I was able to spend more time helping the work in Peru. My particular role was to facilitate the development of the training programme and to work with others to adapt and improve it. Lori helped support the centre’s organisation and get alongside some of the local women.

Neil and Ps Luis conducting river baptism

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