2014 Gender Stats, good news for Baptists?

Project 3:28 have published their latest research into gender balance among the speaker teams of UK national Christian conferences. In 2014 two conferences had a 50:50 balance, the BUGB Annual Assembly and the Church and Media Conference. Also, notably, the Youth Work summit has been in second place for the last two years with an... Continue Reading →

It is election day, please go and vote

Today is voting day for the European Elections and, if the polls are right UKIP might top the UK poll. I’m mystified by this. I get people wanting to register a protest vote against the main political parties. Before they became a party of government this often worked to the Liberal Democrats' advantage. But why... Continue Reading →

Tragedy of #MH470

Like many people I’ve followed the events of MH370 with interest and sorrow. Sorrow for the family and friends of those on the plane, who still have no idea of what happened and who are living with the enormous strain of this. Interest, because I’ve been fascinated in aircraft since I was a child; when... Continue Reading →

Politics blog – background of MPs

I came across ripped-off Britons  blog post lamenting the decreasing number of MPs from manual work backgrounds and the rise of those from who were political organisers before they became MPs. This also linked to a report  produced by the House of Commons library giving more details for those elected in 2010 and breaking them... Continue Reading →

Don’t be a twit: social media guidelines

There is an interesting story on the BBC news about one Church of England Diocese producing some Social Media guidelines. The Diocese of Bath and Wells guidelines are here and some similar advice produced by the Methodist Church is here. Most of the guidance is obvious enough: 1. Remember what you post is public so think first.... Continue Reading →

Politics of #foodbanksdebate

This week the UK parliament debated foodbanks. On Facebook and Twitter this proved to be a big deal but on the main news outlets it never got a mention. So what’s gone wrong? We need to remember the nature of the debate. It was one of 17 occasions in this parliamentary session that the Labour... Continue Reading →

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