Moving on

So, after 11 years I’ve taken my final service as Senior Minister of PBC. It still feels a bit odd to say ‘I was the Senior Minister’ but we had a great send off last weekend. Leaving inevitably makes one nostalgic; and after more than a decade I ponder what impact I’ve had. I hope... Continue Reading →

The power of flashbacks

I generally appear (I think) to have things together. But even though I know that’s not really true I’ve been completely taken aback this week at the power of certain memories. It comes about because our eldest, Matt, was off to New Zealand as part of a gap year; spending time exploring and learning whilst... Continue Reading →

Sabbatical reflections

As I return to my role in Poynton after a six week sabbatical I do so with an interesting mix of feelings. I’ve blogged about my trip to New Zealand before so readers already know that I had a fantastic time, enjoying learning about church life there and having the chance to visit lake Tekapo... Continue Reading →

New Year resolve

As thoughts turn to the year ahead it’s always with a mixture of anticipation and uncertainty that I think about aims / resolutions. In any case 2014 demonstrated that whatever aims I wrote in January, I had no idea what was to happen! My ability to foretell the future hasn’t improved since last year but... Continue Reading →

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