Transcending Mission: A review

Over the last couple of months, whilst back in the UK, I’ve been reading a number of books. Michael Stroope Transcending Mission (IVP academic 2017) is one. It’s a serious, well-argued book that sets out to show why we should abandon the word mission (as well as missions, missional and the rest). Anyone involved in... Continue Reading →

Another day in paradise?

Last week Lori wrote some reflections on her first six months in Peru, now it is Neil’s turn: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Not so much the tale of two cities but of the twin responses to living in Nauta. I’ve often felt both emotions on the same... Continue Reading →

What is normal?

Anticipating a quiet month was clearly a mistake. It’s true that we have been focused on just getting on with various aspects of the work, but things are never straightforward in the jungle. So what does a normal week look like? A significant part of Neil’s week is devoted to developing the training course. As... Continue Reading →

A normal day?

I (Lori) woke expecting a productive day today. I got up and even did some exercise before breakfast. But the local government in Nauta had other ideas and declared a 3 day strike. So instead of the fruitful day envisioned, it has looked more like this: Unlike last week’s strike when life continued as normal,... Continue Reading →

Asamblea Anual

Tripe soup for breakfast? Welcome to the Peruvian Baptist Assembly; a gathering of people from the 160 churches that make up the Convencíon Evangélica Bautista del Perú. For those readers used to English Baptist life the format is a mix of the UK Baptist Assembly and BUGB Council. We arrived Tuesday afternoon and left Friday... Continue Reading →

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