Moving on

So, after 11 years I’ve taken my final service as Senior Minister of PBC. It still feels a bit odd to say ‘I was the Senior Minister’ but we had a great send off last weekend. Leaving inevitably makes one nostalgic; and after more than a decade I ponder what impact I’ve had. I hope... Continue Reading →

Mission agencies: do we need them?

Rattling around in my mind for the last few months have been the questions, “what are mission agencies for” and “do we really need them”? I have some nagging worries. The first is theological. Mission is about us (the church) joining in with the mission of God. Going and sending so that others might become... Continue Reading →

Baptist Assembly 2016

The 06:30 train from Macclesfield on a cold Saturday morning is not normally something to celebrate but it was the first leg of a great day attending the Baptist Assembly. This year held in Oxford. The day packed a lot into a short timeframe and was a significant improvement on last year. The morning started... Continue Reading →

Mission as blessing

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you are right” is attributed to Henry Ford. But whatever its origins it captures something of the challenge of sharing our faith and engaging in mission; too often we think we can’t do anything so we do nothing. In many areas of life it is not... Continue Reading →

culture and mission

When preparing people for overseas mission reputable agencies train folk in cross cultural mission. To understand the language and culture of the place they are going to – and to understand their own cultural biases and background and the way they shape who they are. To be effective in mission, longer term, you need to... Continue Reading →

Mission: seeking a person of peace

In Luke 10 Jesus doesn’t just send the 72 out – he gives them a strategy to follow. It’s the same strategy he gave the apostles when he sent them in chapter 9; it’s a strategy Jesus uses in his own ministry and which Paul and others copy. The difference is that here in chapter... Continue Reading →

Motivation for mission

Motivation is important. It is what makes you do things and is made up from a variety of sources. Some of our motivation comes from things outside us, for example seeing the horror of the migrant ‘Jungle’ in Calais, motivates us to do things to reduce suffering. Some of our motivation comes from inside us,... Continue Reading →

Foundations for mission

It risks stating the obvious but engagement in mission is part of discipleship. That’s to say that because we are followers of Jesus we will participate actively in his ministry; not least because he calls us to. Preaching from Luke 5, where Jesus calls the first disciples after their all night fishing trip had caught... Continue Reading →

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