Can we help you?

While in the UK we are available to come speak at your church or event. We are happy to talk about Peru, what we have learned about global mission, or things related to church life in the UK.

Neil conducting a baptism at Poynton Baptist Church

As a minister I (Neil) love preaching and teaching from the Bible. I’ve been involved in preaching regularly to congregations ranging from a few dozen people to several hundred. I’ve led Church Weekends, taken funerals, weddings and retreat days. Having led a church of two hundred members for over a decade I’ve been intimately involved in leading change and helping the church discern vision for the future and would be delighted to share my experience and work with you.

In addition to my involvement with the training centre in Nauta I’ve been involved as an Associate Tutor for Northern Baptist College; helping ministers in training and others interested in learning about church leadership. Most recently this has included teaching a module in Pastoral Care for lay pastors and preachers and sessions on working with teams for the Baptist Leadership Program.

Lori is an accountant who, as well as working for accountancy practices, has worked for a local church and helped others to get their bookkeeping and accounting in order.

Both of us have been involved as Trustees. Lori as a Governor for Northern Baptist College, Neil for North Western Baptist Association and as minister in a local church. He was also moderator for the Finance Committee of the Baptist Union of Great Britain for some years.

So if you think we might be able to help, please get in touch using the contact form on this site or by emailing revneilbrighton (at)

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