In praise of Rowan Williams

I came across this blog yesterday which says a lot about the Archbishop of Canterbury. Here +Rowan is to be commended because I know that some people's experience of Christian leaders is less positive; they feel that they are remote, don't care or aren't interested.  One might want to debate the Christology of explaining Jesus... Continue Reading →

Jesus – orphaned for our inclusion?

Preparing Easter services from John’s gospel this year I’ve been struck by Jesus' promise, during his extended last supper discussion, not to leave the disciples as orphans and how it encapsulates the gospel. Lives which had wondered away from God have been called back and invited to follow Jesus. And now Jesus promises not to... Continue Reading →

Death of ministerial training?

An article is it time to write the Eulogy?: The future of Seminary Education caught my eye (HT Steve Harmon who blogs at Ecclesial Theology). My impression is that the situation in the US is different to the UK  but the question of what we expect from our Theological colleges is nevertheless worth asking. Not... Continue Reading →

Review: Rob Bell, Love wins

Never having read any of Rob Bell’s previous books I wasn’t sure what to expect; the vitriol poured in his direction suggested it wasn’t going to be good. My overall impression is that there isn’t anything in the book which is fundamentally objectionable or not said by someone else before; so why all the fuss?... Continue Reading →

Rob Bell: Love Wins

As mentioned in an earlier post Rob Bell's book is causing quite a stir. My Amazon order hasn't arrived yet and I will blog some thoughts when I've read the book (but not before). However, I note that some UK based comments are starting to emerge. This month's Christianity magazine has a brief book review... Continue Reading →

Fissiparousness alert: Rob Bell makes waves

Rob Bell’s latest book isn’t even published but is already making waves in the US.  No doubt this is exactly what the publishers wanted when they wrote this blurb (source Fans flock to his Facebook page, his NOOMA videos have been viewed by millions, and his Sunday sermons are attended by 10,000 parishioners—with a... Continue Reading →

Big Society

Interesting piece about Big Society here by Luke Bretherton (HT Andy) and the opportunity it presents for churches, which covers similar ground as a talk by Malcolm Duncan to BUGB Council earlier this week. As far as I’m concerned the jury is still out. In principle I like the idea of small government and communities being... Continue Reading →

Learning by preaching

Life continues to be busy with lots of things that it isn’t appropriate to blog about; not least the church’s search for an associate minister. But in the midst of the routine I’ve spotted something I’d not noticed before. Preaching thematically this term about putting God first, I thought it would be appropriate to start... Continue Reading →

Time to bin covenant?

In Baptist life in England there are a number of overused phrases (the Baptist family and deep listening are two that come to mind) whose benefit to corporate discussion is lost by repetition. I wonder if it is now time to add the word covenant. I’m not suggesting the word has no benefit, clearly covenant... Continue Reading →

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