Challenges of church culture

Reading a little about business cultures recently makes me suspect that paying more attention to culture might help us understand what is going on in church life.Churches vary in size, but each size transition marks a change in culture. Smaller churches, where everyone knows each other gradually grow into churches centred around the pastoral skills... Continue Reading →

BUGB is the future going flat?

In preparation for the next BUGB Council I’ve revisited the published Futures booklet (download). I know several people who have slogged their guts out on this process over recent months (and many more whose livelihoods depend on the outcomes) which makes me hesitate to critique it, but this is not the moment for timidity.Loads of... Continue Reading →

BUGB futures a quick guide

I’ve been meaning to write more about the Futures process for some weeks. But since Baptist Assembly meets this weekend I wondered if a short summary might be more helpful: What’s the issue? 1. Why are we talking about it? Because we (BUGB and Associations) are spending more money each year than we are getting... Continue Reading →

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