Larger Churches leaders gathering

It was great to attend this earlier in the week, an annual gathering facilitated by BUGB for team leaders from the Union’s ‘larger’ churches. It’s encouraging to spend time with people who do a similar role to me, who face similar challenges and struggles, without feeling the need to apologise. [It is a strange quirk... Continue Reading →

A bank which wants to say yes

I had an idea the other day whilst thinking about Baptist life (though it could be applied more widely). Why not start a ‘bank’ whose purpose was to loan money to projects which might not pay back but which need money to get something started. OK ‘bank’ may be the wrong word, but words like... Continue Reading →

The Regional Minister bus

There are more interesting things to blog about than Baptist Associations appointing Regional Ministers but I can’t help but notice the large number of appointments being made at the moment. I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in one here in the North West myself, so I know that many of these folk are gifted... Continue Reading →

BUGB the dreamliner denomination?

I’ve always been fascinated by aviation so have been interested in the progress of Boeing’s new 787 dreamliner aircraft. Maybe it has lessons for us:  1. It is designed to be cheaper to run. Boeing recognised that as costs rise they needed to design an aircraft which would be 20% cheaper to run than existing... Continue Reading →

Baptist Association life: from OK to great

As the Union is streamlined more responsibility moves to the Associations. However, the resources the Associations have to deliver this are also constrained most currently run deficits. So how can they respond to the challenge? How might we manage Association life in the future? Mind the gap. Sometimes there appears to be a gap between... Continue Reading →

Baptist strands

Pondering contemporary Baptist life in England it seems to me there are three main ways people think of themselves as being Baptist. 1. Convenience: These are groups of churches and ministers who are convenience Baptists; part of the Union because it’s worked OK for them so far. To some being a Baptist Church is like... Continue Reading →

BUGB: Listening and futures process

As the Beyond400 conversation and others continue, I’ve been wondering about listening to ‘voices’ and how we might process what we hear. Then in the last 48 hours two friends have blogged thoughts on the process that are at odds with each other; which perhaps illustrates the challenge. In various ways people are being heard,... Continue Reading →

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