Politics of #foodbanksdebate

This week the UK parliament debated foodbanks. On Facebook and Twitter this proved to be a big deal but on the main news outlets it never got a mention. So what’s gone wrong? We need to remember the nature of the debate. It was one of 17 occasions in this parliamentary session that the Labour... Continue Reading →

Should Baptists be political conservatives?

It’s the conference season for UK political parties at the moment – so perhaps an opportunity for a more controversial blog post. Controversial because my observation is the majority of Baptist Ministers lean politically towards the Labour party, something I want to question. Whilst our history and theological roots can be contested perhaps Baptists ought... Continue Reading →

General Election Thoughts

I enjoy elections so the current UK general election fight has got me wondering, after the TV debates, what would I be doing or thinking if I were David Cameron?   1. Inspiration. Cameron has got to sell a vision of a future government that inspires people. He has to find a way of communicating his... Continue Reading →

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