Recent blogging has been focused on Baptist Futures but church life this term has been notable for a significant increase in spiritual phenomena. As I reflect on spiritual gifts in church life it seems there are 6 things worth remembering. 1. Manifestations of Spirit come through people: Attempting to separate out Spirit activity and human... Continue Reading →

BUGB Futures: more debate

Phil posted a comment on my previous blog (here) that warrants a proper response. At issue is how we understand the decisions made last week by BUGB Council, so if you find the whole debate a turn off look away now. Phil says I fail to understand what the changes are about, that it is not... Continue Reading →

Beyond 400 – thoughts so far

Now the 6th voice has been published I thought some reflections might be in order; though for the full effect you need to read each entry and the comments yourself. Three things have struck me so far: 1. We need to acknowledge how broken the current denomination is. Peter Dominey spoke of grieving what is... Continue Reading →

Thank you BUGB

I smiled at an email today saying this blog had the top clicked story by staff at Baptist House this year. Thank you to those who visit here and interact with what I write. But I also want to use this as an opportunity to say thank you to the staff who work for the... Continue Reading →

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