Learning from my mistakes?

They say you learn from your mistakes. So in the first of several blog entries looking back on 7 years in my current role (as Senior Minister of Poynton Baptist Church) I’m wondering, 'what have I learned?' 1. My biggest mistake is not to make enough mistakes. There are far more things I thought of... Continue Reading →

Quiet leaders influence

I read Susan Cain’s book Quiet  a couple of months ago and have been pondering it since. The premise of the book is that about half the population are introverts and for too long those who are naturally quiet, serious or sensitive have been overlooked; whilst the loudest have taken over. Her aim is to... Continue Reading →

Steve Chalke hits headlines again

The times reports (here) that Steve Chalke has come out in favour of Gay Marriage. More interestingly, from a Baptist perspective, is the statement that he conducted his first gay blessing a few weeks ago.It has been clear (to me at least) for some while that the BUGB’s ministerial rules were open to challenge by... Continue Reading →

Discipleship 4: Ministers help or hindrance?

If discipleship is so important how does this impact ministers and how might it affect how we exercise ministry? How can we ensure we develop disciple making communities?1. Live out your values. If whole life discipleship is important it should permeate your ministry. First, because all of us are disciples and ministers need to live... Continue Reading →

Disappointed, depressed, distressed?

My attention was drawn to a blog (HT Rob Petrini ) by 9marks ‘Don’t make your pastor a statistic’ which suggested the majority of US Pastors were not content in their roles: 70% feel underpaid 70% fight depression 50% feel unable to meet the demands of the job 90% work between 55-75 hours a week.... Continue Reading →

5 P’s of #leadership

A blog post caught my eye earlier this week where Rob Petrini suggested the two things a Christian leader needed to remember were process and perception. I’d not come across this before but it got me thinking; and so here are my 5 key elements of church leadership (leaving the question of the relation of ministry... Continue Reading →

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