Politics blog – background of MPs

I came across ripped-off Britons  blog post lamenting the decreasing number of MPs from manual work backgrounds and the rise of those from who were political organisers before they became MPs. This also linked to a report  produced by the House of Commons library giving more details for those elected in 2010 and breaking them... Continue Reading →

Should Baptists be political conservatives?

It’s the conference season for UK political parties at the moment – so perhaps an opportunity for a more controversial blog post. Controversial because my observation is the majority of Baptist Ministers lean politically towards the Labour party, something I want to question. Whilst our history and theological roots can be contested perhaps Baptists ought... Continue Reading →

Good thinking +Rowan but poor politics

The Archbishop of Canterbury has caused a political stir today with his guest editorial in the New Statesman (text here). Some will argue that he should keep his opinions to himself but I disagree. As a bishop it is right that he should speak about issues which concern wider society; one of the few reasons... Continue Reading →

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