What makes a good sermon?

As a regular preacher and speaker it is a question I frequently ponder. So over recent months I’ve been trying to note what grabs people and gets positive feedback; either from my own preaching or that of others. Here are some unscientific observations. 1. Tell them about yourself. As someone put it to me, “tell... Continue Reading →

Hi from iquitos

I’m currently back in Iquitos, the heart of the Peruvian Amazon jungle, where I’ve been teaching and encouraging church leaders (well trying to anyway). But time here always prompts me to think of home and the differences between the church in the UK and here. Whilst there are many things people lack here, decent medical... Continue Reading →

Advent: the collision of worlds

As we have moved though advent this year I’ve been struck by two texts, which don’t normally come to prominence at this time of year. The first is the start of Hebrews (well actually from 1:1 to 2:4). The writer with great rhetorical skill moves from considering how the coming of Jesus changed the way... Continue Reading →

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