Finally He comes….

The eyes of the world are on Rome. The media are looking to see what Caesar’s PR people do next but the real action is not in Rome, nor in Jerusalem where reporters are camped out, but in Bethlehem.


Up till now God has spoken to gather up his people though fragments, occasional visions and events, bits and pieces of revelation as God reached across heaven to speak to us. But tonight marks a momentous shift.


After the longing expectancy for God to prove faithful to his covenant and the aching anticipation that God would come to set things right, God has made a move.


Now, at last, is God’s definitive word. Here, finally, is God’s decisive act. God is with us; come as a vulnerable defenceless baby. A baby destined to bring peace, to rule as King, to restore God’s people through forgiveness and justice. What this will mean all lies in the future, world changing potential yet to be realised. For now God is with us, born into our neighbourhood to invite us to take our place in the household of God.


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