Baptist Union Council 2

Council draws to a close till later in the year. This council has spent a fair amount of time doing things that, whilst important, don't really get me excited… I mean I'm sure that the listed buildings exemption scheme is necessary (and matters a great deal if you are in a church which has listed buildings) but it simply reminds me that I went to bed rather late.

One thing. beyond my comments yesterday, which has struck me over the last 24 hours is the need for the Baptist Union Council to give some attention to the way we pull various strands of our life together. There are a number of areas where it is far from clear who is responsible for helping move things forward. At some point we need to identify people who can help us to be clear about the critical issues so that time is focused on the major policy questions; people who know enough of what is done across the Union to help inform debate as well people who are able to articulate new ways of doing things.

If we can identify people who can help us to grapple with the theological issues that lie behind the issues discussed, the consequences of particular choices and an overview of how particular decisions fit into the wider context then Council would be more effective.

Ah well, back to the real world.

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