Bible reading quiz

I came across this quiz designed to show that people don't read the Bible as literally as they sometimes think they do. Though the fact that Associated Baptist Press felt they needed to put a disclaimer at the end is a bit worrying.

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  1. I really liked this quiz and even more the author’s comments after the quiz. What amazed and horrified me though were many of the intolerant and bigoted comments at the bottom which seem to justify hatred of vast sections of society. I was particularly disturbed by the discussion between ‘bluecat’ and ‘Mark Osgthorp’; the former clearly expounding a theology of Christian love whilst the latter thumps the pulpit and states that Christ is committing genocide on all those who don’t believe in him! Interesting – I thought it was our own sin that leads us to death! It all illustrates to me that as soon as you do start attempting to take the bible literally, you have to get more and more extreme in your arguments to justify your position. I like Miguel de la Torre’s comments “The Bible is not the fullest revelation of God; Jesus as the Word taking on flesh is the fullest revelation of God. Only God should be worshiped, not the book that reveals God… all testimonies, it is subjective. As important as the Bible is in my life, to worship it and give it equal standing with the Creator would be blasphemous on my part.”
    Neil you certainly manage to find some interesting stuff to get the discussion going.


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