Caravan to Mablethorpe

Last week we spent part of half term in the caravan at Mablethorpe.The Camping and Caravan Club site is just to the south west of the town. A pleasant site, with fields on three sides it has a nice relaxed feel. Like many C&CC club sites the wash facilities are ok when the weather is good (as it was last week) but I wouldn't want to go when it was cold.

It is a short (15 min) walk to the sea front from where you can walk or cycle down to Sutton and beyond or walk up past the town. The town itself isn't my thing but is small and has places to eat, play mini-golf and waste money.

It's an easy drive to Louth (the parish church was worth looking round). We also did a number of walks in the countryside and along the coast. The walk leaflets came free from 'visit lincolnshire'.

The weather was good as well – an added bonus.



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