Is big church good or bad?

Most years I try to watch the main party leaders speeches so
this afternoon has seen me watching David Cameron’s speech to the Conservative
Party Conference. Leaving aside the contrast from last week, dour liberal Presbyterian
to new church leader who hasn’t yet mastered hermeneutics, I found myself


In many church conversations there appears to be a sadness
that, ‘we can’t do more’ and that if only we had the resources we could offer
so many more community programmes and ways of engaging with our community. What
if we said that our role wasn’t to provide big programmes but to encourage,
support and release people to be disciples involved in a myriad of activities;
enabling them to think and act Christianly wherever they are? And what if we
focused our church activity on building a community who love each other, gather
together to worship God and be fed through word and sacrament?


Is there a church equivalent to the big state / small state
debate in UK


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  1. I like this blog Neil – my vote would definitely be with the encouraging, supporting and releasing (which incidentally I think you’re really good at!). I was trying to think of a name for this – what about ‘viral Christianity’?


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