Minister gets it wrong?

An interesting piece in today's Guardian here

The comments are also fascinating for the way in which they give an insight into some of the issues the church needs to grapple with if we are to become missional communities of virtue in a post-christian world.

Not to mention the observation that as a minister you may think you are doing the right thing, seeking to balance pastoral need, Biblical / Theologian conviction and congregational leadership only to find your best endeavors ridiculed.

4 thoughts on “Minister gets it wrong?

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  1. Mind you wahtever i think about the minsiter in question I think peopel have got to realise that if they only turn up when they want to to do the thing they want to the next time they do it we might have gone on without them or simply gone.
    I think Jesus made the point about putting your hand to the plough


  2. Having had a couple of dealings with the minister in question a couple of decades ago, I have a lot of sympathy for the author of the article.


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