Head of Faith and Unity – BUGB job vacancy

With Graham Sparkes moving to Manchester to become the new President of Luther King House the Union is now advertising for his replacement as the head of Faith and Unity.  Details here

Graham has done a great job and so will be a hard act to follow. But if you can combine a theological reflection, diplomacy and a good grasp of baptist faith and practice with an interest in politics, social issues and ecumenism and you fancy being part of the BUGB senior management team this is the job for you!

Reading the job and person spec my mind inevitably wonders through a mental list of people I know who would be good in the job. This is harder than it seems because the best person will be someone who has enthusiasm for the area, a desire to move things forward but a way of working that gets things done through others.

On a related note the Yorkshire Baptist Association are looking for a new Regional Minister (Team Leader) see here for details, closing date 20th May.

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