Tom Smail’s death announced

I'm sad to learn the news that Tom Smail died last week. I met Tom a number of times; although an Anglican minister (and before that a Scotish Presbyterian) he was often present at Spurgeon’s College Post Graduate Seminars and his responses to (demolition of) my papers helped sharpen my thinking enormously.

Tom was one of most the significant theologians of the British Church in recent decades; not least because his theological writing has always been in the service of the church. Strongly influenced by Charismatic Renewal he helped provide leadership to the movement in its early years and theological reflection and depth as it matured. His book The Giving Gift was particularly helpful to me at theological college as someone who came from a charismatic church background and whose mind was opened to Trinitarian theology.

The church militant is richer for his ministry and poorer with his loss. The church triumphant gains another faithful servant whose faith is now rewarded with understanding.

For a fuller obituary see here

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  1. I had not heard. I attended a series of doctrinal lectures by Tom Smail while at college in Bristol and found them thoroughly inspiring – an experience of worship, no less.

    He was orthodox in the sense of leading people into ascribing glory aright to our God and not merely into having right thoughts about God.


  2. The Giving Gift, Once and for All and Windows on the Cross were are indispensable items on my bookshelf, I collected at college. Tom Smail was inspirational and totally accessible.


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