Ideas looking for expression

Since my holiday in August I seem to have had little time for blogging. This is a bad sign because it also means I have had little time to think and reflect.

But I’ve been involved in some interesting things. I’ve posted on Carl Beech’s visit in September and am still wanting to blog about male spirituality, feminism and church life when I get a chance.

Ben Cooley from Hope for Justice came to a Churches Together in Poynton event we hosted a couple of weeks ago. I’ve heard Ben speak before but once again I find myself pondering what the nature of justice is: how justice relates to the character of God in bringing all things into right relationship rather than some UN version of human rights. That’s not what Ben spoke about, rather it strikes me that a Christian understanding of justice needs to give it more attention: something else to blog about when I get time.

Autumn 2012 023I led an awayday for Wakefield Baptist Church last weekend at the Jonas Centre. Even if my input was poor the view was good. Lots of invitations I turn down but it was great to spend a day with a very different church community to PBC. Once again questions of spirituality, gender and justice seemed to be in play.

As part of our church preaching plan I've also been producing small group material looking at a wide range of subjects: marriage, money, family life, mid life crisis, stress, depression and more. All of which might fuel some blog posts in the future.

Hopefully some of these thoughts and others will see the light of day soon.

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