New Year resolve

Happy New year everyone

As we roll up the decorations and trim back the calorie consumption it is the moment to think about plans for the year ahead.

If the last few years have taught me anything it is that life doesn’t often go to plan. Nevertheless, those who aim for nothing usually get it I offer a couple of resolutions for the year ahead.

1. I’d like to learn more Spanish. I mentioned this last year and I have made progress but I’d love to be able to blog and preach in Spanish.
2. Read more. In the last few years I’ve read fewer books and it would be good to turn this around. Reading helps develop my own thoughts, expands my mind and improves my ministry.
3. Work smarter. I’m tempted to say, work less or focus on things I like but it’s more realistic to acknowledge that, as long as I do my current role, the key demands will not change. But resisting the tyranny of the urgent and prioritising things that develop movement and grow people is my goal.

Looking further into the future I’d like to continue to travel (I’m one of those people who love flying); to develop my skills in teaching, strategy and governance to serve the church, and to keep improving as a preacher and leader.

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