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It’s all change in the Brighton household this year. Not least because, after 11 years as Senior Minister of Poynton Baptist Church, Neil is stepping down.

By September both our children will (we hope) be studying at University and we (Lori and Neil) will become mission volunteers with BMS: world mission. For the next two years we are going to assist the work that BMS are involved with in Iquitos and Nauta, Peru.

A large part of the work we are going to do is connected with the Nauta training centre which Neil has been involved with since it’s inception. We are really looking forward to working with others from Peru as we develop the training course and building links with other mission personnel in Nauta and the rivers.

Our plan is to spend two thirds of our time in Nauta. Some of the rest of the time will be in the UK, both to support our children but also to work on training materials for the centre. And the rest of the time? Who knows, we are open to whatever doors God might open, though we will need to give some time to raising funds for our work in Peru.

There are lots of things to sort out over these next few months as we aim to ‘leave well’ our roles in Poynton Baptist, to organise somewhere to live both in the UK and in Nauta and keep trying to work on our Spanish.

But we’d love to share the journey with you. This blog will be the primary way we keep folk up to date but we hope to set up a prayer support network in the next few weeks – details of that in our next blog.



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