Patience, preparation and practicalities

It’s now two months until I (Neil) stand down as Senior Minister of PBC and we start our work in Peru. Up to now that has seemed like a long way off, but it’s getting really close.

For the last couple of months there have been things in church life that I’ve been handing over, or doing for the last time, so I should be well into the swing of it by now but the part that makes it challenging is the sheer number of small practical things that need attention.  Nevertheless, it is starting to feel we are on top of this. July is normally the time I do lots of planning for the next year, but this year the responsibility falls to others.

There are still some big things to sort out though. Like finding somewhere to live around South Manchester for when we are in the UK and for us to have a family home. This is proving to be a bit of a roller coaster and it looks increasingly likely this will not be finalised before we leave the UK. We’ve had a house for some years in Nottinghamshire which we thought we had sold, but unfortunately the buyers pulled out after several weeks. We’ve now have new buyers but we still need to locate a house with sufficient space for us as a family that is within the price range around here – and there’s little chance that we will complete the purchase before we move.

This raises other practical questions like, where will we keep the caravan? What about the car? And where do we send our post?

Looking ahead, we have now booked flights to Peru (so there is no turning back) and are booked into the language school in Arequipa in October. So it feels like a plan is coming together….. we just need to sort out some rabies jabs.

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