Experience doesn’t prepare you for the sensory assault that Nauta provides. The noise, heat, rain, sun and chaos of this bustling port on the banks of the soon to be Amazon river. We have been here many times before but somehow this time is different. Maybe it’s that we are not just here for two weeks but trying to make this home; perhaps it’s the rooky mistake of doing too much at once.

So far we’ve managed to navigate getting to our hotel in Lima, check in, get breakfast and return to the airport for our flight to Iquitos. Then, once here, buy food in the market, visit the local shops and come away with the items that we need, and explain why are here at a church service this morning without too much of a language failure – so things are looking up.

These first days have been fairly quiet as we settle into life at the training centre. It was great to see it being used by a local church yesterday for their ‘awayday’. Tomorrow the pace will change as Neil is the main speaker at the training week. This is the same material as he has delivered each October for the last couple of years, so although we will be busy, it will feel a bit more familiar.

In about 10 days’ time we travel back to Iquitos, where will have better internet access, so more news then.

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