Hopes for 2018

Concluding the Christmas celebrations and launching into the New Year is a time to look forward. I’m not making resolutions, and with all our life changes I’m not making any predictions either, but here are some hopes for the year ahead:

Language: It’s unlikely I’ll become fluent but I hope my recall of grammar and conversational Spanish will improve. Not just because it will make me more effective, but because it will help build friendships.

New connections: I’ve had some great conversations with people in Peru and I’d love the opportunity to learn from people involved in training church leaders in other parts of the world as well. Maybe even to visit, learn from their experience and share some of ours.

Finance: So far we’ve had great financial support and have not needed to worry about money. While we will do some fundraising towards our ongoing costs, we hope to have sufficient support that money (or lack of it) doesn’t become a distraction.

Roller coaster: The great thing about attempting something new is it never goes as planned. But the journey is liberating and it is humbling to share in things that God is doing. Even though I hate fairground rides, and have no idea how our future will turn out, if God offers you a roller coaster ride in exchange for your routines, habits and securities….. take it.

Happy New Year everyone. Feliz año nuevo

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