The adventures of Nugget part 1

Hello I’m Nugget

Lori and Neil allowed me to stow away on this trip to Peru and are letting me write a few of my own blog posts. We are in the Amazon which is a long, long way from home. We went on three airplanes to get here. The longest one took all day, we left in the morning but even by bedtime we still hadn’t arrived. But the food was good; they fed us pasta, and then later on there were sandwiches followed by pizza for tea. I’m glad I’m a really small bear because the seats are quite small and get a bit uncomfortable after a while.

But now we are safely in Nauta. It is hot here; my fur is constantly damp with the humidity and my sweat. The people speak Spanish and I’m struggling to understand them but they are all really lovely.

This week I’ve done my first trip on the river; we took some visitors to a village next to where the Amazon river starts. I’ve also seen my first tarantula; it was almost as big as me. It seemed very friendly but I’ve been told to keep away as they are a bit dangerous.

We live next the training centre and in a few days a group of church leaders is coming for the next stage of their training. Some of them will take as long to get here by boat as we did by aeroplane. Next time I write I will tell you all about it.




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