The adventures of Nugget part 2

Hello everyone, Nugget here again. I wanted to tell you about what I’ve been up to over the last two weeks.

Last week I joined in with a group of local pastors and church leaders who were here for a training week. I went to most of the classes but I had a few good sleeps as it was all in Spanish. Often Neil gets the students to do a drama of the things they have learned; sometimes these are really funny. We had rice and chicken for lunch every day – I didn’t know there were so many different ways to serve chicken.  I tried to join in with the singing in the evening but only knew a few of the songs from their English versions. But I met some lovely new friends.

IMG_20181004_093439 (2)

Peru had local and regional elections on Sunday. There were lots of colourful posters and flags, and sometimes there were people going around with loudhailers talking about the person they supported. But most of the people seemed to just get on with life as normal.

Since the training week finished life has been a bit boring. Lori is doing accounts paperwork and Neil is writing lesson plans. But tomorrow we are going into Iquitos to go to a supermarket. It will be quite a long day as it takes 2 hours each way but I’m looking forward to going somewhere interesting for lunch.

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