The adventures of Nugget – the river trip

IMG_20181030_111438I’ve been on a real jungle adventure. Normally I’ve been living with Lori and Neil in Nauta but recently we went on a long trip up river. Over three days we kept travelling and each day things seemed more different. At the first stop we went to a church anniversary service which included two weddings as well – it started at 7pm and went on so long into the night that I fell asleep. (The people were still up in the morning though when we came back for breakfast). I’m glad I’m a stuffed bear though, because no one had a shower all the time we were away (editor: we washed in the river and with bowls of water) and in one village we didn’t have toilets either. To get to the furthest village we had to use canoes instead of our boat and when we got there people were speaking a completely different language to the Spanish we hear most of the time. Pastor Luis had to preach with a translator. The women all look very different with their red coloured tops and dark skirts.


The people were really friendly; we were invited into the school to talk to the students as well as doing some more churchy things.


Sadly, when we started the journey we took several chickens with us, but each day we managed to leave one behind. I do hope they are OK.

However I was really excited to see dolphins swimming in the river.IMG_20181102_101715 1

Next time I’m going to tell you about visiting the big city of Iquitos, and how I met some other bears.

Nugget x

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  1. Lovely to hear about your adventures Nugget, those cold baths don’t sound enticing! Looking forward to your next blog. Say hi to Lori and Neil for me 🙂


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