The adventures of Nugget part 7

Hello everyone, I think I forgot to tell you that I was coming back to Peru. And this time I’ve got a friend with me. Paddington came to stay with us at Christmas and was really interested in coming back to Peru, especially since he’s never visited this part of the jungle before.

So far I’ve not had many new adventures though we had an earthquake at the weekend which made the house creak and sway a lot; it went on for a long time and Paddington and I were a bit scared. But thankfully everyone was safe.

IMG_20190201_123135I’ve been enjoying being able to meet lots of lovely people. Lori and Neil are doing some discipleship classes with the young people at church so we get to hang out with them twice a week. Neil says it is a very long time since he did any youth work!  We’ve had several trips into Iquitos. I got to have lunch with a group of ‘missionary ladies’ the other week – well it was mostly coffee and cake which was a bit sticky for my fur. We have also been running some Bible studies in Iquitos for translators: Paddington loves it because he gets to speak both English and Spanish.

IMG_20190223_183353We have also had a few visitors to Nauta including a YWAM team from the US and some Peruvian church leaders. Last week we had Becky who is a BMS volunteer in Peru staying with us. She lived in Nauta a few years ago when she came on a gap year ‘Action Team’ but is now working in Cusco. We had one visitor who didn’t stay long though. He was a rat and although we put out some food for him to make him welcome, he just ate some of it and left: I’ve not seen him again.

IMG_20190225_140301The weather has been quite wet recently. Down at the port you just step onto the boats as the river level is as high as the road. I try to keep out of the rain as I don’t like getting my fur wet. But the weather can’t quite make up its mind as we have also had some really hot days as well.


Nugget x



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