The adventures of Nugget part 8 -life is full of adjustments

IMG_20190326_204336Hola amigos, it is ages since I last wrote but things have been very busy. Life here is quite odd because things are always changing but yet somehow remain the same. One of the lessons that is quite hard to learn as a mission bear is how you keep meeting interesting people and then having to say good bye to them, but anyway……

IMG_20190314_110955Paddington and I enjoyed the recent training week. We tried to join in with some of the sessions about pastoral care, but humans are so complicated and we struggled to understand it all. I am sure that it would be so much easier if humans just got on with each other like us bears do.

IMG_20190327_082002I went on a river trip, which involved several hours each way on a small boat. I was really afraid I’d fall into the water but we made it there and, a few days later, made it safely back. It was really hot during the day and we had to filter all our water because it came from the river which we shared with cows and pigs. Lori found it a bit tricky because they don’t have toilets; but being a stuffed bear that’s not a problem for me. It is amazing how they manage to live with so little, I don’t think I could adjust to life in a village.

IMG_20190314_184321IMG_20190305_090131Back in Nauta I’ve tried to get used to the local food, but it’s really not very bear friendly. However, in a shop in Iquitos we saw some Panetón left over from Christmas and that was lovely.

I promise to do another blog soon as Sarah (Neil and Lori’s daughter) has come to visit during the university holidays. I’ve been showing her around and we have both taken Paddington to find ‘deepest, darkest, Peru’ and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

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