Our next steps and a new job

I’m delighted to be able to share that I have been appointed as the next CEO / Team Leader for Latin Link in the UK. If you are not familiar with Latin Link you can find out about them here but Latin Link is an international community which works in partnership with others to help mission to, from and within Latin America. In the UK it works with churches to send and receive individuals, families and teams to share God’s love.

latin link logoOver the last couple of years I’ve met several people who work with Latin Link in the UK and in Peru and seen first-hand some of the great work they are doing. I’m looking forward to taking up my new role, learning more about the Latin Link community and serving alongside them.

This is an exciting time to be involved in world mission. The world is changing rapidly and in many parts the church is growing strongly (sadly not in the UK). World mission is changing, it is becoming fully multi-directional and mission organisations are having to reform to make the most of the opportunities. So my new role will be challenging in lots of different ways but I’m convinced Latin Link has a unique role to play partnering with Christians in Latin America, sending people to serve but also enabling more people to come to the UK and help us in mission here.

As well as leading the UK team I am hoping to grow our partnership with churches and other mission bodies, helping us to work strategically together for the benefit of God’s kingdom around the world.

Do pray for us as we go through this time of transition. For Lori and I as we conclude our work in Nauta and I move to working full time for Latin Link this autumn. For my new team members and the wider Latin Link community as they get to know me and adjust to having me around.

latin link cover picture

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  1. Felicidades. Puedo sentir su emoción. Estaré orando por ustedes y su visión en las misiones. Saludos.


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