Back to the jungle and other places

Constant change is here to stay – or so they say. This week we are returning to Peru after being in the UK over the last few months. It’s a time of change for us though. This visit marks the end of our work with the training centre at Nauta, helping to redevelop the training course and other things. We’ll still visit in future but we are handing on our roles to others. But as we lay down some things we are taking up others. By the end of this trip Neil will be working full time for Latin Link.

IMG_20190315_113615It’s going to be a busy few weeks in South America. We are starting in Nauta where we are involved in the October training week, completing our handover and saying ‘goodbye’. From the middle of October we will be spending time in Lima and Huaraz getting to know some of the Latin Link Peru team and the work they are involved with. This will include some firsts for us, like long distance bus journeys rather than boat rides and mountain villages rather than jungle communities. Finally we will be spending a week in Bogota, Colombia learning about Latin Link work in a different country and context. IMG_20190315_094614

As usual we will blog some pictures and reflections – you can find more on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram if you want more ‘instant’ news updates.

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