The adventures of Nugget part 9 – the return of the bears.

Hello again everyone

We have been able to stow away on Neil and Lori’s latest trip to South America. So far we have done lots of travelling and seen some interesting things.

We started in Nauta with all the students at the Training week; most of the current students have nearly finished their course and were really interested in a new book. IMG_20191004_080844It’s a book about the bible but it is written in Spanish by people from South America – Neil says it is really good but we don’t read well enough to know. While we were in Iqtuios we were also invited to a tea party with some other mission people in Iquitos; 75564583_2367827446864567_149242150666633216_nthey were sad to be saying ‘goodbye’ to us but we promised that we will come back in the future. We also got introduced to some other mission workers who were visiting from Lima; but they didn’t really seem to understand how useful mission bears can be.

IMG_20191019_140821We’ve done several trips on aeroplanes; sadly one of our trips got rearranged because Peruvian Airlines went bust and the big people had to buy new tickets on a different airline. But when we went to Huaraz we had to go by bus. It took 9 hours to get there and 9 hours to get back. The bus doesn’t stop but there is a toilet and they provide a meal as well. The ride back was quite scary because the bus has to descend over 3000 metres and the road has very steep sides. IMG_20191018_122702While we were in Huaraz we visited some children’s homes, which are part of a project that is trying to place children, who can’t live at home, with foster families. The children are lovely but we aren’t allowed to show you the pictures. I also went to the museum, but Paddington was still feeling really ill from the altitude as he isn’t allowed to drink coca tea (his fur gets too wet).

IMG_20191020_084140We had some lovely days in Lima. We stayed with a couple who have their own Paddington and who looked after us really well. We even learned how to use the bus system. We also met Sharon who took us to meet Aurora the parrot. IMG_20191014_150938He spends his time visiting communities talking about the horrible things some adults do to children and helping to stop it. He also writes Sunday school material to tell people about Jesus.

Now we are in Bogotá, Colombia. It’s not quite as high here so it’s easy to get about. IMG_20191022_113514Yesterday we went to see a poor neighbourhood where the gangs and drug violence have been reduced through a project to bring tourists to look at street art. The people who showed us round were still very scary though so Paddington and I stayed well out of sight all day.

Soon we will be travelling back to Lima and then home to see what adventures we can find back in England.



Nugget x


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