We were made to thrive

There’s a line of a song that goes “We were made to thrive”. Those things that cause us to thrive and those things that stress us will be different for different people. One major thing that has occupied us whilst we have been back in the UK has been house moving. Of course, this began... Continue Reading →

A normal day?

I (Lori) woke expecting a productive day today. I got up and even did some exercise before breakfast. But the local government in Nauta had other ideas and declared a 3 day strike. So instead of the fruitful day envisioned, it has looked more like this: Unlike last week’s strike when life continued as normal,... Continue Reading →

A fish out of water

Lori writes: We’re back in Nauta. Back in the relative familiarity of the jungle and, until a month ago, the only part of Perú that we were acquainted with. What was it that made Arequipa feel so odd during our first few weeks there? Why did we feel so much like fish out of water?... Continue Reading →

I don’t like matches

Hi! This is Lori writing – my first ever time writing a blog post. I’m sure it won’t be my last. In my couple of weeks here in Nauta I have discovered some things about myself that I hadn’t thought of as being problematic. I am really uncomfortable using matches. In the UK this isn’t... Continue Reading →

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