Book review: Christianity as a World Religion

Sebastian and Kirsteen Kim, Christianity as a World Religion: An Introduction 2nd Edn. Bloomsbury, 2016 Back in the last century when I was at theological college, I learned some church history. It helped me understand some of the progression of the early church, and the various movements and people which influenced British Church life. Inevitably... Continue Reading →

Review: The Changing Face of World Missions

“Written in a different world” was my reaction to reading the opening chapters of this book. Printed in 2005 to pick up on key issues in world mission the book examines twelve “significant trends” to help understand the changes in society and church that have implications for the way the church “does missions”. What follows... Continue Reading →

Quiet leaders influence

I read Susan Cain’s book Quiet  a couple of months ago and have been pondering it since. The premise of the book is that about half the population are introverts and for too long those who are naturally quiet, serious or sensitive have been overlooked; whilst the loudest have taken over. Her aim is to... Continue Reading →

Beyond 400 book

I've been involved for the last few months with the Beyond400 website, giving an opportunity for a spread of British Baptists to imagine what the future might look like. The web posts plus some of the comments have now been published as a book. Click here to buy a copy. Not only does the book give... Continue Reading →

Review: Rob Bell, Love wins

Never having read any of Rob Bell’s previous books I wasn’t sure what to expect; the vitriol poured in his direction suggested it wasn’t going to be good. My overall impression is that there isn’t anything in the book which is fundamentally objectionable or not said by someone else before; so why all the fuss?... Continue Reading →

Books which influence me

Challenged to name some books that have influenced me I’ve pondered a few book lists over the last couple of days. So here is a list of books, that don’t require a degree in theology to understand, which influence how I do ministry.   Stanley Hauerwas Resident Aliens. Hauerwas’ approach to ethics and the task... Continue Reading →

IBS STL update

I know many of you have been following this on other blogs but the situation now seems to be as follows: Authentic Music based in Milton Keynes has been bought by Kingsway Communications operating from Eastbourne. Authentic Book Publishing and 8 Wesley Owen Stores (Bath Birmingham, Bristol, Bromley, Coleraine, Derby, Glasgow and York ) have... Continue Reading →

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