Books which influence me

Challenged to name some books that have influenced me I’ve
pondered a few book lists over the last couple of days. So here is a list of
books, that don’t require a degree in theology to understand, which influence how
I do ministry.


  • Stanley Hauerwas
    Resident Aliens. Hauerwas’ approach
    to ethics and the task of the church has a significant influence on my thinking of mission and ecclesiology.
  • Dan Kimball The
    Emerging Church.
    Perhaps not the greatest book ever on post-modernity, the
    church and emerging culture but Kimball sets out many of the key questions and
    suggests answers that come from his experience of church leadership.
  • James Torrance Worship,
    Community, and the Triune God of Grace.
    This book more than any other
    opened my mind to what worship is.
  • Tony Jones The Sacred
    Jones is one of a number of writers who have helped me to see
    spirituality in a broader context and awakened a desire to keep growing in the
  • John Colwell The
    Rhythm of Doctrine.
    One of the few books of doctrine which I find myself
    dipping into again and again when preaching.



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