Don’t be a twit: social media guidelines

There is an interesting story on the BBC news about one Church of England Diocese producing some Social Media guidelines. The Diocese of Bath and Wells guidelines are here and some similar advice produced by the Methodist Church is here. Most of the guidance is obvious enough: 1. Remember what you post is public so think first.... Continue Reading →

Politics of #foodbanksdebate

This week the UK parliament debated foodbanks. On Facebook and Twitter this proved to be a big deal but on the main news outlets it never got a mention. So what’s gone wrong? We need to remember the nature of the debate. It was one of 17 occasions in this parliamentary session that the Labour... Continue Reading →

Christians and new media #cnmac13

My twitter feed has been filled today with comments from #cnmac13 the Christian new media awards and conference. I’d wanted to go but lack of time and an unwillingness to pay £100 in rail fares got the better of me. Conferences like this bring out the good and the bad in us. Do we really... Continue Reading →

Should Baptists be political conservatives?

It’s the conference season for UK political parties at the moment – so perhaps an opportunity for a more controversial blog post. Controversial because my observation is the majority of Baptist Ministers lean politically towards the Labour party, something I want to question. Whilst our history and theological roots can be contested perhaps Baptists ought... Continue Reading →

Quiet leaders influence

I read Susan Cain’s book Quiet  a couple of months ago and have been pondering it since. The premise of the book is that about half the population are introverts and for too long those who are naturally quiet, serious or sensitive have been overlooked; whilst the loudest have taken over. Her aim is to... Continue Reading →

A fresh non conformist voice

In the UK Parliament debate on ‘gay marriage’ I was struck by the negative perception many MP’s had of the way Christians campaigned against the bill; and in some cases with good reason. Which makes me wonder if we need a fresh non-conformist voice in public life that is nuanced and engaged. What might this... Continue Reading →

Gay Marriage

Since Steve Chalke's article last week a number of people have responded to his article. By co-incidence Poynton Baptist Church's Sunday evening gathering last week had previously planned to talk about 'gay marriage'. Following on from this evening conversation I have produced a short booklet that describes some of the issues. You can download it... Continue Reading →

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