Steve Chalke hits headlines again

The times reports (here) that Steve Chalke has come out in favour of Gay Marriage. More interestingly, from a Baptist perspective, is the statement that he conducted his first gay blessing a few weeks ago.It has been clear (to me at least) for some while that the BUGB’s ministerial rules were open to challenge by... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year

I normally avoid making resolutions. But for a change, since I spent Hogmanay in Scotland, I thought I would break the habit. So here they are: 1. Take a few risks 2. Have some fun 3. Love more (as in be more loving of God, spouse, family, people... not more stuff)   Belated Happy New... Continue Reading →

Wanted: men in church

Two things have me thinking about the place of men in church. The first is a visit from Carl Beech of CVM who led an awayday for the church here on Saturday. The second was an article by Steve Legg in Engage, the BMS:worldmission magazine lamenting the lack of men in the UK church; an... Continue Reading →

Spurgeon’s Nigel Wright announces retirement

Rev Dr Nigel G Wright who has been Principal of Spurgeon's college since 2000 has announced he is to retire next summer. He has been a good Principal for the college and it will be interesting to see who follows him. Nigel's college biography is here

Iquitos Loreto floods

I don’t plan to keep a running commentary on the flooding in Iquitos and Loreto yet despite the scale of the difficulties virtually no English Language news networks are reporting it. But the realisation that publicity can make a positive differences outweighs any doubts I have over blogging other people’s misery. The picture above may... Continue Reading →

Iquitos flooding

It’s now four weeks since I was in Iquitos, during which time the flooding has got worse. The Red Cross now estimate that in the region 200, 000 people have been affected, 43,000 homes flooded; a number that is still rising as the water levels increase meaning that perhaps 1 in 3 people are flooded... Continue Reading →

Rowan Williams retires

Yesterday saw C of E Archbishop Rowan Williams announce his retirement. I believe the church in the UK owes him our thanks. We may not all agree with him but he has made a good fist of an impossible job; and is a model of how to lead a denomination through difficult issues. The Church... Continue Reading →

Futures proposal for #BUGB

Over the last few weeks I've been thinking about how we might move the conversation forward; particularly since BUGB Council meets again next week. So I have produced two things. The first is a video giving an overview of the steps we need to take. The second is a longer paper giving more detail (here).... Continue Reading →

Young people and church

Last week saw some interesting blogs (including Krish Kandiah's blog here) and twitter conversations about the statistics that suggest the church is haemorrhaging young people; despite significant investment into youth work.  Having read some of the conversation it seemed to me that it didn’t resonate with my own experience. So I spent half an hour... Continue Reading →

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