Bunch of grapes or bag of marbles

I don't follow the workings of the Church of England closely but twitter alerted me to this address by the Bishop of Sherborne supporting the Anglican Communion Covenant. here I share it because the contrast between a bunch of grapes or a bag of marbles is new to me; and I like it. It resonates... Continue Reading →

What’s influence?

Whilst the dictionary suggests it is about the power of producing effect, particularly in people and the ability to bring something about; it seems to me that influence is a bit more subtle than this. Even if it is, ultimately, about power it is about unacknowledged power rather than authority per se. As I’ve pondered... Continue Reading →

Media storm virtue and risk

Not much blogging recently due to various factors. But to prove I'm still alive and watching the news.... The TV and internet are full of stuff about News International and the allegations of criminal wrongdoing. There is clearly a desire to ‘get Murdoch’ which recent events have now unleashed. But before we loose perspective we... Continue Reading →

Big Society and local Church

Last night we hosted a local Churches Together event where we invited our local MP (the Conservative David Rutley) to talk about the ‘Big Society’ and discuss the part that churches play in it. I thought the evening went well. It was a good opportunity for dialogue as well as questions, and I’m sure there... Continue Reading →

Good thinking +Rowan but poor politics

The Archbishop of Canterbury has caused a political stir today with his guest editorial in the New Statesman (text here). Some will argue that he should keep his opinions to himself but I disagree. As a bishop it is right that he should speak about issues which concern wider society; one of the few reasons... Continue Reading →

Politics: I love it

After Thursday's local elections, devolved assembly / parliament elections and the AV referendum it is time to reflect on the political tea-leaves. How will the Liberal Democrats respond to such a bad week? The only option is to keep calm and carry on. They built a record in local government through focusing on doing a... Continue Reading →

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