Lessons from Peru

I learned some unexpected things in Peru. But what did I learn that might help back in the UK? Of course, I’ve come back to work for Latin Link but if I was going back to lead a local church I think these are some of the lessons I’d be putting into practice. Integral mission:... Continue Reading →

New Year resolve

As thoughts turn to the year ahead it’s always with a mixture of anticipation and uncertainty that I think about aims / resolutions. In any case 2014 demonstrated that whatever aims I wrote in January, I had no idea what was to happen! My ability to foretell the future hasn’t improved since last year but... Continue Reading →

Larger Churches leaders gathering

It was great to attend this earlier in the week, an annual gathering facilitated by BUGB for team leaders from the Union’s ‘larger’ churches. It’s encouraging to spend time with people who do a similar role to me, who face similar challenges and struggles, without feeling the need to apologise. [It is a strange quirk... Continue Reading →

Lessons from ministry: who am I?

My journey through ministry often feels like a life long quest to discover what sort of minister I am. I’ve now been the minister of two churches, one smaller (by UK Baptist standards) and one larger, each with their own set of challenges and demands. In many respects the first was tougher; looking back it... Continue Reading →

learning about myself: a charismatic at heart

My formative Christian years were as part of Charismatic, Evangelical churches; either Baptist or ‘New Church’. The sense that God was doing a new thing, the kingdom of God was near was the dominant culture. There were strains of course, and I emerged as someone on the side of being ‘biblical’ rather than just ‘spirit... Continue Reading →

Easypastor.com. It takes a team

If I’ve learned nothing else from my years in ministry it is that I need a team. Who you need around you varies depending on your own gifts /  skills but I need someone (or people) -         Worship leader: someone with musicality who can lead the band, lead the congregation in song, choose songs and... Continue Reading →

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