Easypastor.com. It takes a team

If I’ve learned nothing else from my years in ministry it is
that I need a team. Who you need around you varies depending on your own gifts
/  skills but I need someone (or people)

Worship leader: someone with musicality
who can lead the band, lead the congregation in song, choose songs and shape
them to into the overall worship gathering.

Pastoral help: someone with a heart for
people, who remembers people’s needs and pro-actively seeks to keep in contact
with them.

‘Sorter out’ of practical stuff: who
makes sure things don’t get forgotten and then gets the details sorted out.

Prayer partners: people who pray for me,
my preaching and leadership, who listen to what God might be saying to us as a

Social initiator: someone who will organise
social gatherings and be attentive to the need for us to have fun together as
well as do tasks.

Evangelists: who build relationships with
those who don’t yet know Christ and share Jesus with them.

This might make you wonder what I
do and or if I’m good at anything. But the reality is you never lead alone, you
always lead through team.

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