BUGB futures a quick guide

I’ve been meaning to write more about the Futures process for some weeks. But since Baptist Assembly meets this weekend I wondered if a short summary might be more helpful: What’s the issue? 1. Why are we talking about it? Because we (BUGB and Associations) are spending more money each year than we are getting... Continue Reading →

Baptist Assembly ~ here we come

Off to Baptist Assembly (well BUGB’s) this weekend. I will try and post some comments as events unfold. One thing I’m looking forward to is the recognition of ministers on Sunday evening. I’m always struck that the two occasions Assembly recognises your ministry are at the end of the accreditation period and after your death.... Continue Reading →

Preaching at big conferences

Following my post prior to the Baptist Assembly Steve posted some insightful thoughts about festival preaching which got me thinking.   All preaching arises from the interrelationship of God, Scripture, preacher and congregation. Though the interweaving of these relationships isn’t entirely straightforward as can be seen by the way the Spirit inspired and guided the writing... Continue Reading →

Baptist Assembly 2010

Back from the annual Baptist trip to the seaside which was an excellent weekend. Here are my highpoints.   Three good things: Worship. This year was an enormous improvement. The range of resources from Taize, Northumbria Community, traditional hymns and mainstream worship songs were used in well planned acts of worship. Whilst I would change... Continue Reading →

Baptist Assembly

Off to Baptist assembly today. Since I’m not taking the laptop I doubt there will be updates whilst I’m there. Assembly takes an enormous amount of work to put on and folk have been working on the planning for months. Many people, BUGB and BMS staff as well as volunteers put in untold hours over... Continue Reading →

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