Sabbatical reflections

As I return to my role in Poynton after a six week sabbatical I do so with an interesting mix of feelings. I’ve blogged about my trip to New Zealand before so readers already know that I had a fantastic time, enjoying learning about church life there and having the chance to visit lake Tekapo... Continue Reading →

A missional church. Step 1

I was shocked how long it’s been a while since my last blog. I’ve not given up on blogging but it has taken a back seat whilst I recover from my cardiac event and, if I’m honest, the swirl of questions which accompany getting back to work after a heart attack: ‘what am I doing?’... Continue Reading →

BUGB Paul Goodliff steps down

Personally, I'm sad to see news of Paul Goodliff stepping down as the leader of the BUGB's ministries team. Web article here Someone leaving a role suddenly always causes some uncertainty. The Union has been undergoing signficant transformation in the last few years and Paul's commitment to Ministry and ministers has meant he as been... Continue Reading →

Full time ministers: a dying breed?

I had the pleasure of chairing a conversation day run by the Baptist Ministers’ Fellowship this week. Entitled “Pathways for Baptist ministry” speakers shared their varied experience of ministerial life, training / formation and ways of working. Although the conversations ranged wide, two things stood out for me from the day: 1. The majority of... Continue Reading →

Lead a movement; what’s that mean?

Earlier this month I blogged that one of my New Year dreams was to lead a movement not an organisation. Recently I’ve heard plenty of talk about the need for a ‘Baptist movement’ which poses the question what do I/we mean by movement, particularly when used in distinction to organisation or institution? A movement is... Continue Reading →

Blue Christmas service outline

I know we've now moved on to New Year but this year I experimented with a 'Blue Christmas' event; something I think we might do again in future years. I did it as an opportunity to reflect on Jesus incarnation for those who don't always rejoice at the thought of Christmas, perhaps because of loss,... Continue Reading →

UK Christians sexist?

There's an interesting debate opening on the web about the question, 'are UK Christian conferences sexist'? It started off when Rachel Held Evans in the US challenged the organisers of the NINES conference on twitter, (a summary of the tweets are on storify ) which has then prompted some UK folk to look at what... Continue Reading →

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