BUGB Paul Goodliff steps down

Personally, I’m sad to see news of Paul Goodliff stepping down as the leader of the BUGB’s ministries team. Web article here

Someone leaving a role suddenly always causes some uncertainty. The Union has been undergoing signficant transformation in the last few years and Paul’s commitment to Ministry and ministers has meant he as been an important voice in this. It will be interesting to see what impact his departure has on issues of ministerial development.

As one of the people on the national steering group who had experience of running a department in Baptist House prior to the reorganisation his departure also means the balance of voices in this group will change.

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  1. Indeed, Paul’s legacy includes both his commitment to ministers in a wide variety of contexts (particularly chaplaincy) and a theological coherence to what the Union does. How much of this continues, given fewer central resources and the changing culture of the Union is open to question.


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