Beyond 400 book

I've been involved for the last few months with the Beyond400 website, giving an opportunity for a spread of British Baptists to imagine what the future might look like. The web posts plus some of the comments have now been published as a book. Click here to buy a copy. Not only does the book give... Continue Reading →

Baptist Assembly responses

Following my blog on Monday about Baptist Assembly I’ve now read a number of other blogs; so to add to the conversation here is my take on some of the issues raised (the issues surround the Futures process BMS/BUGB I will return to in a future post).1. Quality of the Bookshop should be easy to... Continue Reading →

Baptist Assembly: a glimpse of the future

Baptist Assembly is packed away for another year, the participants have returned home and the activity of the weekend is fast becoming a fading memory; another example of how our denomination manages to be less than the sum of its parts. Or alternatively???What if Assembly were to be the moment we look back on and... Continue Reading →

Bunch of grapes or bag of marbles

I don't follow the workings of the Church of England closely but twitter alerted me to this address by the Bishop of Sherborne supporting the Anglican Communion Covenant. here I share it because the contrast between a bunch of grapes or a bag of marbles is new to me; and I like it. It resonates... Continue Reading →

It takes courage

My turn this weekend to be one of the voices at Beyond 400 Since I blog about Baptist life all the time I thought I would do my voice as a video. Never having used video creation or editing software before it has been an interesting learning curve. No doubt, like sermons, I'll look back... Continue Reading →

Beyond 400 – thoughts so far

Now the 6th voice has been published I thought some reflections might be in order; though for the full effect you need to read each entry and the comments yourself. Three things have struck me so far: 1. We need to acknowledge how broken the current denomination is. Peter Dominey spoke of grieving what is... Continue Reading →

Beyond 400 – join the conversation

Starting tomorrow the Beyond 400 website will carry a wide range of thoughts and ideas about the future of Baptist life in Britain (primarily focused on BUGB). Initially 40 people have agreed to participate by writing a short piece, or creating a video, that will stimulate conversation about re-imagining Baptist life for the future.  The... Continue Reading →

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